confession of a heartbreker

step in to church with some hesitation, she goes to confession chamber.
she is hindu girl but why she came here in church, i think she believe in god not in religion
first she came to jisus crist,and make a sign of cross in air,probably  she came first time bcz she make wrong cross.she whisper something,tight her hand like she praying for something good and need urgent help.
a sadness in her face,eyes are looking wet and dark circle in her eyes like she not sleep whole night and crying.but still i cant understand the reason behind her visit to church.
she look around maybe she finding father of the church and then she go to confession chamber.

tell me dear what is ur sin?
father i broke someone heart,
tell me daughter, its make u feel better
he was my best friend for such long time,he will always be there for me,he understand me very well
when i need help he do anything for me,always ready to make me laugh
one day he said that he love me,i have also feeling for him,but he is not good looking and smart like my other friends,sometime i feel i make mistake to make him my bf.
then i go to study out,he was so caring and always do wht i say.
and then i take a hard decision   to breakup with him but i cant say it directly,so i m not give him my no.
days are passed,i was thinking that he will forget me,but when i goes to home i was surprised
he still love me like before and maybe more than that,but its too late i got a bf from there.he is smart,handsome,stylish,rich.
then one day i tell him the truth abt my bf……….
a silent for few minute and then father asked her then wht happen my dear
he says something that i never imagine in my life
he smile and say bf huh?lucky guy
are u happy with him
yes i m
then ok dear my aim ur happiness rather r u with me or not
bye and tc,and if he cheat u u can tell me i will show him that ur not alone
i will punch him here and he softly touch my nose and smile.its last time i saw him.
now u tell me is this sin or not?
dear he is happy with it and ur also right?
why wht happen with ur new relationship, he loves u more than him right?
no father,i was wrong and she broke in tear
he just spend sometime with me,he used me,he cheat me.he just want to slee….and again  her voice was break.
calm down dear
father plz tell me wht can i do for that,i broke his heart and now i feel same pain
i know he is not handsome or smart but truth is loves belong to heart not to face
its abt feeling not attraction.
dear u can tell him,i think he have big heart to accept u agine
wht if he say no,
does he believe in god dear
i dont know…
does he believe in u
yes father more then anything else in world
“he is good fellow with mighty heart,only few people let go his true love with smiling face.
dear u should meet him and if he forgive u then god will also forgive u”
thank u father
she ran out the church,i saw tear and smile both on her face.
then i heard some noise,someone knok on the door
i open it its father,he asked me wht r u doing here son its not ur place
i m doing some good work here father and i came out from confection chamber


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