i want to say something to you that i cant say from the long time
please listen it and i don’t want that you answer it,i just want to say you what my heart say 

the boy is whispered this words,he speak so slowly that nobody could here it,in the dark night,in her room at night,he sit next to her face on the floor but still make some distance between them.he know that girl from more then 3 years,they are good friends and from the last few months they are best friends.

i see you every day,i talk with you and i always try to look at your beautiful eyes without being caught by you….in last 3 years we were friends and that feeling is never come to me about you,you are my friend and if i think on that way then its biggest sin in the world,its like breaking your trust and i don’t want to do that because i don’t want to loss you,i don’t want to loss you because……because…..
i don’t know,i really don’t know why.but there is some unknown feeling in my heart for you.

you know pinakin he is really nice guy and i think he likes me…..
Hmmmm and you?
i don’t know he is good looking,handsome,dashing,smart and also cute
means totally opposite of me
you say something???
no no..i asked you that do you like him or not?
i cant deside it by my self,please pinakin help me yar,tell me is he good or cheater?
it mean i am going to dig my own grave now how can i say yar,
i think lets try for it,if he good then ok and  if  he is cheater then you will kick him and punch him from me ok,its a deal
yes yes deal deal now bye khaya piya kuch nahi,glass toda 12 ana

you know i hate it when you talking about other boys,i know  am not your bf  but its hert me, on that time i want to tell you i always wanted to tell you that i like you but your choice is far far better then me,i am nowhere as your bf,i know i am not so good looking and handsome but i have a heart that always beat for you,yes i love you,i really love you and still i don’t have dare to tell you but when you tell me that you are going out for study,i afraid that i will loss you and that’s why i am here to tell you what i feel about you but i decide that i will never say you what i feel about you,this is the only reason why i am here,i proposing you WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING…………….

he stop for a moment take a deep breath,there is tiny tear in his eyes its because he thought that he will never see you again,he just watching her sleeping,there are few hair on her face,he come littile bit near to her face and take away those hair from her face.

i love to see your eyes but right now its  beautiful also to see your close eyes.bye my love,bye forever.i never got to know that what you feel about me but i just know that i love a girl from heart and if my love is true than it will come back to me…yes you will come back to me.

a tiny tear drop from his eyes,he stand up and leavening and on that moment,she grab his hand,is she awake all this time…he just look at her there is a tiny tear on her eyes.

are you crying?
no its not tear its love and its your,i heard all the things you say and i want to say something i also love you and i am just  leavening this town not you.

girls say it and cry,he hug that girl and say whether  you are here or any where i always be there for you.

dedicate this to all lover who never tell there feeling to they love



  1. good one yaar!but happy ending j kem ?i mean love stoies na haapy ending karata mane vaat tya j adhuri rahe e vadhare gameanyways e to maro potano mat 6 baki ghanu saru writting 6 ane khas kari ne writting style ghani sari 6 🙂

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