laugh with the wet eyes

have you ever been to sea?…what you feel when a tide clash to the rock..
who get hert most…the sea or the rock..
when its clash..water spilt in thousands of drop and rock is also get weaker
but what if i say…
sea is try to heal the rock with her hand spred around it and try to hug it…
and when sea do that…rock let him self go with it and in the and it break into pieces
true lover isnt it?
wanted to die in the hands of someone who love him the most…
but why sea want to heal it…
because someone broke his heart….
and give him  a wound that never heal
he have a lover in past..
he love her a lot and want to be with her till the end…
but whom he love is river which know to move forwerd..
just touch him and go away..
and that touch become scraches on his face and make it ugly…
years pass and passed
he waiting for the day when river realise that he loves her alsot by heart
and that day never comes
and thousand of years passes
now sea touch him first time…
the salt give pain to him and now he become stoneheart so he feels nothing
sea is noughty and try to make him happy or angry or tease him but he didnt react..
finaly one day sea know the resone beahind it
till that day…its countinue
and you know the best part part of they love….in evry fifteen day they have breakup
and then he try to convince that noughty girl so she come near every day
and atlast when moon is on the full fledged they meet and lost in each other armlife is just like this my friend…
when one give you pain then someone also come to you to heal
never blam that love is not true or god is not exicested
life is full of love
so dont depend on someone who ignor you or dont wait for someone who left you alone to cry
look ahed there is someone waiting just on that turn of the street



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