am I in love?definitely,maybe

when i see her first time i just have no words to say yar
at the first moment i think who is he? where is she come from?whts her name?
but at the second moment i just look at here and i keep look at her until she is not going out of my sight
yes she was damn beautiful, I never see that much beauty before in my life.
when she gone i just memories those moment, she is amazing yar

yes i know she is very beautiful ab age bhi to batav yar
yes yes,she is from my old town and she is also brahmin and she have same name of a girl which i like when i m in school.

lots of coincident doesn’t it pinakin?

yes and i m fallen love with her in love at first sight and i want to get her in any cost.
i look at her every day but i m not the only one,i m in the competition with some of best looking guys
yes i m not as handsome as them or good looking like them but my feeling for her is way beyond of imagination.
all look at her with fantasy to get her, i just look at her eyes, those beautiful pair of eyes is attract me to her.
i m not having accrued the power of word to describe her havenly beauty but i can say that if da vinse is here he will say she is more fasneting then monlisa.if seskspear is here he will say she is angel which made my the god and i feel more personate then i write Romeo and Juliet.

she have beautiful face, face that nobody can forget, its like good made her with such love.
she have littile black dot under her lips,yes its beauty mark,like god put that black dot to save her from jealousy and curse of other.she look so Georges when her heair hanging down to the soldear and when those hair coverd her face and she lift the hair ohhhh dear i just feel fainted.her body is in perfect shap and when she smile,i just want that world will stop at the moment.i saw her smaileing,i saw her in anger,i saw her when she cry, i want to go to her but she is crying because of her low marks and i have also same situation.

every day i think that today i will talk to her and make her my friend,but when i saw her i forget everything.
day is passed so fast that i could never think.i passed out from that school and i just wait and wait to talk to her but i cant do it.

wait a minit u never talk to her?why yar she is not gonna it you,why u somuch afred to talk to the girl,first time we met u also hesited to talk with me

coz u r not her dear,i love her and i afred to loss her,i loss her if i say something wrong or do something stupid.

but u also loss her if u dont talk to her and u r not stupid ok and never say that u r not handsome coz ur handsome boy ok,if i m her i will surly friendship with u and also like u but i m not her

and u r also not my type of girl ok.u know when we met last time?

we met at the top3 multiplex in bhavnagar in friday,i m always go for first day first show.
when movie is complit and i came out side and drikning tea i saw her with her two friends

she also saw me but not talking to me.and i have also beard face on that day,shit yar why i not shave on that day.i follow her,do u belive i follow a girl first time in my life.the they stop a big auto u know the tempo.

i sat in the tempo she is just front of me and our knee is touch to each other,i pretend to not touch her but in heart i want,i put my self togther to talk to her but i cant,ohhh dear why i cant.and my stop came and i left the auto and say best of luck to them without seeing them,one of her friend reply thanx but not her.

and u just let her go,comeon say no

yes i just let her go,she is go far away from me and i never herd of it before
u say about ur first crush ok
his name is……and she saying it,she say how handsome he is and how she loves her but i dont know why i feel jealas.

m i fallen love with her??????????????

only god knows…………………….

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