a wake up dream

Sitting in sofa, holding a piece of paper in hand.  that paper looks much heavier than it is
Look what she did,your daughter ,encourage her  NOW
And she wipe her tear and go away

I am speechless, thoughtless, I just satering that paper.
i recognize the writng of her because its me who taught  her till late night while she is in school.
is she now grown up that teach her own father?

A tear dropped on that paper, I put that on table and suddenly I saw a photo frame,
BEST DADDY OF  THE WORLD and we are smile in that picture

“I love him dad, he is a good guy.”
How dare you talk like this to your father and she slapped her
Sit here, I know that guy, he is not what you think he is,
I will not let this happen what you ask me to do
“but dad is my feeling is nothing to you
Don’t you want to see your girl happy, please dad
And then she said that which I never expected

“Or we run away and get married”


First time in life I slapped her. There near dining table
Am I did wrong?i should not slap her,that’s why she left us.
i am the reason behind itI ruin my own child life, I am a bad father

And I woke up ,
I stud up and go to her room she is sleeping facing the wall

I sat on her bad and whisper

“my angle, you are everything to me ,please don’t take ant wrong step.
because then you will regret about that and cant forgive your self,
tell me if you have any problem,just don’t hide it.you are free to take your decision,just don’t hert us.
And he put his tearfull hand on her head and close the door behind

She open her wet eyes,stand up and open the cupboard
She is finding something something in that packed bags,
and she found that cut it in to pieces and throw in dustbin

A littile piece of paper flying on floor..its written on that



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