Smile-its heal, its hurt
did u  remember when u smile last time?
i mean smile which comes from your heart
its been long time right?
smile, your smile ,others smile, a baby’s smile
a evil smile, a mischief smile, a winner smile, a looser smile
a smile of satisfaction, a smile when u cheat someone,  a smile when u cheated
a puppy face smile, a sorry smile, a thank u smile
a trapping  smile ,a hoping smile
a smile by the lips, a smile by the eyes, a smile by the heart
a tearful smile, smile is every where
its increases when u give it.
now days u mostly see plastic smile, a smile which not by heart
some smile are like “forced smile” people have to smile
a camera smile which is only seen on the photo or in the video
a smiling face is always welcome able and its attract people.
tell me when u go to new place. which person u want to talk first?
a intelligent person who full with attitude, a person with no expression
or a smiling person.
when person smile at u,u have to reply with a smile
it mean its like a virus and its first virus which is good for health.
people who cant smile are go to laughter club, so sad yar
remember the girl which u like most huh
when she smile ur all problems are gone right?
its very special smile my friends, a smile which u cant discribe in words
when she smile its like a new world,like most amazing moment of ur life
u could do any thing for that smile,when she upset and crying bcz of u,her sadness also feel u.but when she smile its like clouds are gone.
ohhhhhh her smile its one in million.u only want that she smile like this whole life.
but some smiles are hert u also.when u belived someone somuch and when they cheated u and smile,that smile hert alot.
when u love someone and when u know that u r all dreams are never been true.
when she  say goodbye to u with a fake smile,she dont want that u see her tear,but dear i know u r crying dont hide ur tear with fake smile bcz
u r smile hert,
remeber when sahrukh smiling in the end of movie kal hona ho,thats smile make u cry,
when u say someone that all things gone be ok and u know that its dont and u smile on him bcz u dont want that ur friend will loss his coureg thats smile hert u.
when u show that other people are better then u and u smile on him with jealousy its hert right?
so my dear friend never stop smiling and always smile from heart.
bcz who knows ur smile give someone a hope huh
 a person without smile is like has to be fined what you say??

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