I Am Here Without *You*

Some time life is so harsh with us, so cruel
Its make us thought wrong thing about right person,forse us to hurt them
Yes,life is just joke which makes you cry every time you hear it
And some time life play games with person who think as great player himself  and make him to take wrong move
Well I don’t consider my self as great player here,who knows everything about life and relationship and moreover about woman but yeah I m pretty good at that
I heard my favorite song from my mobile-I am here without you baby from 3 doors down
What a lovely song I put on my sms tone
I pick up and read it from one open eye
“I knw u wake up early @home,and u also forget abt last night wht I say,I realy not mean to hurt u”
I put it back,its ring again,I swithcd of the phone and back to sleep(or think)
Come on I message you from morning,why you not reply,I am so sorry if I do anything wrong coz I don’t know what I do wrong..please I thought abt my fights with my xgf
After 3 hours I swichd on again,6 sms and last message is about missd call alert,35 misscalls
And it rang,I cut it and swichdoff again and go for the lunch
I will not eat  till you forgive me,I swear to god I realy will please  
I am not suppose to interrogate you about that plzzzzzz honey
Its tea time,I take a sip from the cup and swichdon the phone and just next second I get her call
Is she too lucky to call me on right time or she try it from afternoon,I cut it and read the sms
“plzz give me last chanse,I cant live without you,I cant live without talking to you,slap me beat me just answer me once..i didn’t eat anything from last night”
Reading last line,something pining in my heart its realy paining but again I swichd off the phone
Can we talk today,we haven’t talk from a week,I realy want to talk to you,its only thing between us that connect us,don’t your heart says to you to talk..your bf is waitng for ur msg
I thinking about her still now about my ex girl friend,we just have to broke up because of her problems.i cry every night and I don’t feel ashamed to cry as boy,I am upset whole day but she made me laugh yes she is whom call I am not receiving and don’t reply her sms.she is there with me when I have no one,she heal my pain,made me to forget her,give me love.give all what she have,help with assignment, with exam and also help with vitamin M.she is not just my girl friend now its more then that.
I standing on my balcony in midnight, I start my phone and next second I get her call
“Plzz just one minit listen to me,just one minit..she talking and crying same time,she sobbing hard
I should have not do that, its my fault plzz forgive me, don’t brakup with me plzz
You always say that I m younger than you so you forgive me plzzz”
You call me continually from morning..
Yes I do
You eat anything?
No plzz forgive me,I cant live without  you plzz…and I heard her crying,she don’t want that I herd her cying so she put away her phone from her
Okk okk plz stop plzz
Do you realy forgive me?you realy talk to me again her childish question remind me that she is too young from me and I am the one who should  take care of her
Yes now go and eat something
As long as you talk to me,I forget hunger,thurst and all pain I love you from all my heart and I know god test my love and I m passed right?
And I take away my phone so she can’t here…

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