Laus Deo*

Its dark,very dark
Like night sleep in the deep dream
I can’t feel any sense’s
Am I dead?well last thing I know that I’m falling from a great height but not higher then my disappointment
What is death feels like I know that now,its feel nothing
I cant see or even open my eyes,there is no sound or whisper of air
I cant feel even gravity,am I still falling in …like endless Vally
Now I know why no body know what is death feels like..
Its like unborn baby still part of mother
Death is like new life and I am feeling it now
Someone hold both my hand and drag me
And now I can see where I am going, to the gate of hell
Yes I am sinner and now I have to pay for what I did
The journey to hell is start after death and its like growing child
First you got the eyes to see what sin you do
Then you understand how bad is those sin and till the gate you are an old person fill with regret of you sin
Now you are all alone on the gate to the hell cause nobody will participate or share your sin
How strange it is,you do sin to make other happy but in the end those people are disappear
The gate keeper looked at you,the face is hidden cause he is just feeling the pain you will going to get and his duty is just show you the path of it not to tell how worse it is so darkness is hiding his emotion
There is tomb stone near out side of the gate there is something written there
Faith and believe in god is laying here
Now I know that cause with that thing the person will be never gone to hell
Now there is no need to praise the god I am to far from that now
The hell is look like nothing
Its not temple to tell people how great is good with sculpture and idol
Its black and empty like heart of sinner
And now suddenly my heart fell heavy and very sad and I am crying
Crying for all the sins and all the thing that hurt people
People around me, people close to me
Its paining inside now
Now I know that myth about hell about suffering and all
Nobody suffer you,its inside in your heart you suffer
“I am not the demon or evil who will punish you”
A sound coming from somewhere
I am here because of you,because of people like you who forget the god and don’t fear to do sin,I am here just to remind you that he is watching and hoping that you understand him.your punishment is to live all your mortal life on the earth and my son remember on thing “LAUS DEO” and next time I will meet you In heaven
And suddenly every thing is vanished and I am not a man now but someone holding me in there hand and two angles looking eye watching me with tear
Yes I am a child now
Biggest creation of god and this time I will praise the god(laus deo)
*laus deo mean praise to god,i read it in the lost symbols


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