We’ve Got A Situation Here

I breath in and I breath out slowly with out even a whisper
I feel my both hand rubbing and making heat inside it
My eyes continuously searching something, my eye boll moving like radar
And my mind working so hard that if its have any parts it will make hell of a noise
Like piston my heart is beating fast, I could not count the rate of beating cause I am too busy to count all worries
Only my body is stand still like a stone, maybe not a stone but a still tiger waiting for the right moment to attack
There is no shadow to trace me,that’s why I like to being in dark
I heard heavy footstep its because they have automatic machine gun and I can hear the throbbing sound of it while its touches bulletproof jackets
Its funny that they give us jacket which can be useful for .45 calliber bullet but not for ak-47
But they have jackets which can save them from our m-16 riffles, tragic
And I take out my m-16 which also known as maverick and ready to blow his head
My finger is on the trigger and I pointed it on the way they going to come
Like a cutting a tree with axe a sound came and next thing is
“Enemy down here”
Thanks to the silencer ,we are still undetected
“How many left” I ask jats who is also in my team
“5 or 6 maybe”
“And the team?”
“no one left, its just us…you and me my friend”
“Then lets done it like old time, lets find a high hunting point
I give you back up and you will hunt them down with your magnum sniper”
“Roger that if you left any”
After 30 second we are on a high point, front of us is tunnel under a bridge which joint by room which is there root
If they come from under or from up it will suicide because jats never miss
And from our left its double door and possibly best place for planting a bomb
I am sitting on a box facing that door and little lower to jats to cover him
There is no arrest here, just shoot at sight
We are allied team called counter strike or counter terrorist, cause we do the same to them
A horrified death which frighten them inside
We both heard noise of walking and talking..they are nearby but the point is which side
I saw foots from the tunnel,I pointed at him cause I want his headshot I don’t want that he make noise and tell other our position
And after 2 second with a boom of sniper he is licking the floor,jats hit him at heart no time for any reaction then
The best thing about sniper gun shoot is,its make a big noisy boom like old cannon which make echo so they can hear the shoot but can’t measure the site
He do his job which he is best long distance battle
In split of a second,another one came from that point and start shooting blindly…its very dangerous cause its like shower of bullet which can hit you
Jats take cover behind a wall but I don’t have any
Its my time,I jump from the box,take cover from another box and wait
“one two three go”
And I came out point my m-16 at him and blow him away
I came out of tunnel and look at jats without aware that someone standing up on that and pointing both of us,but he shoot me on my back and I just try to cover my head and then another boom
Thanks du..and another boom,he missed him at first
A second of relief,thanks to jats and my jacket I am standing on my foot
“are you okey”
“They don’t have bomb,we have to find it”
“Okey then you go to double door I go to our landing place”
Double door,the most risky area but he can’t fight there with sniper
Its my fight now cause I am the expert of close combat dog fight, face to face and fist to fist
“carefull,we don’t have exact number,so be stealth”
On the right side there is a big door which is joint with upper side of the tunnel and there possible root so I have to be silent
And I heard clutching, like putting magazine in ak-47
He is damn near,maybe he know I am here waiting for it or he just try to be careful like me
And that time I remember  I am out of bullet,I take out my magazine and put my hand in the pocket and grab anther one and…I saw a leg of his, he also waiting…
I am in the crucial point,if I reload they will find out and its like shooting a sleeping duck and if I don’t they will kill me in next 10 second.And he came out,my heart is like blasting and he point at me…I am gone now…and my shivering hand touches the ….the..
Boom boom boom….his head is now Morden art painting on the wall
In moment of second I take out my gun and shoot his chest  likecowboy,My night hawk pistol is life saver now…But itsto noisy but very effective
I radio him“5 down and no bomb,I think last one hav…”
I saw from a little space between the door,bomb is ticking
“he plant the bomb,I need backup now”
“On my way”
I cant see him near the bomb but there is lots of boxes there,big one
I rushed in side,we have just 30 second to diffuse it
I can take any risk now,I am locked and load with m-16
I heard footstep from door and I aim there,it was jats
“you diffuse it, I’ll find him”
I see every where now but there is no one there
Where the hell is he gone
“just give me cover while I diffuse it”
He is right, there are two way..From the double doors and from another door
I stand in middle of the dusty filed and watch both door
I check time “15 second dude and we will cooked here”
“Almost done”
I aimed on the double door cause I have feeling inside that he is behind that
“anddddddddd done”
“yes we have done it”
“not when I am still alive”
Sound comeing from the other door and first bullet hit jats on his leg,he throw his self down and next bullet is for my shoulder..
He is alone but now he is on the position to kill both of us
He have bullpop rifle which is also use as sniper
And I saw my team mate death body near to me
Now you both are die but I liked to make you suffer
And he shoot on my leg, i am try to cover jats and then
Tung tungtung….
Bullets are stoped by shield which I take from my death team mate
“I’ll cover you,kill him”I told jats
And then boom,he take my night hawk and blow his head off
With his specialty to take headshot he save us both and we live
We win again,jats we win again
Yes and he come up from his pc and came to congratulate me
What happen to mr.killerhuh
Mu mouse was stuck yar really
Yehyehyeh we heard it already
Lets play again I will beat you
Are you ready jats
Lets crush them maverick…
And I put my headphone on and start to play in the dusty battle field

Dedicated to all my C.S group
and best C.S partner I have jats or jatin tanna
and maverick. My virtual personality  for the game


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