Is it a guilty of being "non gujarati"?

i dont want to live here,people here are so irritating
i just hate all the Gujarati’s,they are no reliable…
-its not from just one person,its voice of every non gujrati’s in gujarat
a man gets a job in reputed company,work there and transfer to a city he never heard of
but for the sake of his family he came here,and then bring his family here
and the people of the city is waiting for a “bakara”just like him…
he been robbed from railways station to sabjivala…a white steeling you see…
he pay high to everything…
i see it by my self…
if i talk in hindi(which i am little good in it)…shoppers tell me high price..
rickshaw’s fair is high..
people around me make fun out of me in gujarati with word “vanga” and lots of sledging
they think non gujarati’s highjack there jobs but the truth is we are lazy
people coming out from Gujarat is very hardworking with low salary
there only aim work hard and get more
so they wear branded cloths/go to some fancy hotel and live large
because they worked 6 day like donkey…
my point is here when we see these things we thought there is no sin to steel from people like this but thats not true…
second thing
how we behave with this people is cruel
they are coming from a society with open minds
so they act friendly to us
specially talk about girls they wear western outfit so our boys think she must be easy catch
and yes why not she talk with him,smile at him,exchange numbers
so our gujju boy think ye to pat jayegi
he propose and with no surprise she refuse and then comes revenge from that boy….how can she refuse me?
because she treat you as a friend and you understand it wrong
i heard lots of cases like this..this ruin our image to them..
even i advice all of them to stay away from that gujjus
i dont know about anywhere u tell you these because i saw these in jamnagar
do you believe if i say there is difference price to rent same home for gujjus and hindi’s
in jamnagar we have all part of people from this country
army,navy,airforse and two giant company like essar and reliance
without them jamnagar will be bankrupt in few months
i can say its just trailer from the worst
i am a Gujarati and i really very proud about that,i love my language but i cant see few people ruining our image of this great state and all gujarati
we have make big issue when Maharashtra kick our gujarati out
but its just a tit for tat…
our blood get boiled when some one did the same for an Indian in Australia,uk,Canada and U.S.A
but what we do when its happen in our own country
is it a guilty of being non gujarati?

from the catalyst view  

“ab apne hi desh me mehman banke kese acha lagega”
this sentence comes from the movie chakde india
a very true expression  of feeling outsider


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