Winter is here.

They say there are two kind of history,
One was written and one was the truth.
But here, we write about how cheerful summer is, how flowers were blooming and young man and woman making love under the bright sun.

One they don’t write or don’t even like to mention was winter, how awful time it was, how many of them died, in the end how they eat which was not eatable or forbidden by God.

But one thing they do remember, generation after generation, in every counsel meeting or in bedtime stories,
Winter is coming.

But that night, we were not prepared for what’s coming, not now or not for ages.

Every man, woman, Lord or slaves,
Standing there, holding a sword, a Spears, a bow or anything which they thought could protect them.they are not fighting for any King or for any  God, less for any gold.they are fighting for a new morning to come.

The drummers hand was bleeding but the sound was never stop, every beating heart was pumping like it will just blast it out.

In front of them lay the biggest army, army of the dead and only thing which separate them to become one of that monster is a wall touching the sky.

The clouds are roaring, flashes of lighting touches the ground but now it’s turn to crimson. A shadow is moving in there breathing fire. The dragons arehere.


A young man standing on the edge of wall looking at the wast ocean of death, his eyes are as peaceful as dead man and reflect the red flame from above the clouds. He knows that if he had come back a thousand time from being dead he would, to end this, once and for all.

They out number us 1 to 1000, but I am not afraid of that, he said.
They have powers to turn you against your own, but I am not afraid of that either, he look down and the white Walker started to move to the gates on their dead horses.
I am afraid that if we fail tonight, no one will left to be saved again ever.
But we won’t fail tonight,
By the old gods and new, we will tear apart every bone from flashes, we will crush them and burn them so no one, never ever rise up against us.
Tonight we end this winter.

He walk back and the dwarf stop him,
You know that you can’t beat them right?
Then we die trying.
You know that I like my head very much where it’s attached right now.

John, I see them, the crippled talked.
How bran, how can we defeat them.
Only one of them can kill all of them.


He knows what he had to do and he knows that only a monster can fight a monster.



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