Twitter wars – trolls, sly and celebrity

Twitter is a different place, they have promised me, like a land of enchantment.
Like a place from Julie Verne or avatars,
They made me Believe that, I will find better people, creative people here.
But when I finally started here,
All the façade and parade dismantle,
It’s stupid flee market here.


Twitter become a kingdom where celebrities sits on throns and laugh at people below them and if you gonna survive this madness, you must praise the mad King.

I beg to differ, this place, social media platforms is for you to express your feelings and disagreement if must, a wise man always says good stories but he also be the one who snapped you out of your bad habits.

Sly, that’s what now this day people call it, the origin, of course they don’t know is, to cut down, kill. in here they kill people’s moral, there mind, there self confidence.
If the people who sits at the top of the food chain, doesn’t like your opinion, they will come to you and sly you. No one will be there to protect you from them and if someone tries, they will hunt them down like a mad wild dog.

Let me be clear, it’s an offence to do such thing but hey one eyed man will rule the town of the blinds, no one listen to you, more over they join this parade and laugh at you. Every one wants to be on winning side right? even if they are on the wrong side.


They comes in group, I like to called it herd of thugs, they will troll you in public without mentioning your names for days until you decide to leave it and they will Cherish this for a while like gunpowder plot in 1600 when they put heads of people who go against them in spear and show it to others, they wrote down the history and write they are traitor, but no one will ask the dead that if they are right?

So help me out here folks, would you be still trolling or slying some people on Twitter because it’s trending or you would just think about the other side of the stories?

Would you praise your great celebrity who gives you RT spree when they talk nonsense about others?

Would you just be a silent partner in this or be silent and see the injustice done to the innocent?

Yes you would, cause you are not in there place, how you could feel helplessness when your whole world turn up side down for sake of the truth.


Fortunately I am not one of you, you see, I was in vodafon call center, answering 250 calls per day and most of them are abusive and they cursed you like you are the reason for their hard time but you cannot utter a disrespectful word to them, you need to calm them down and solve their problems in given time.That’s make me stubborn, I am ineffective to this kind of shit, trolls and sly, I will not lower my level to them because pigs likes the mud.


So to all two faced phooney celebrity out there, you can do whatever you want, but if I came across a single bad tweet of yours, one troll to an innocent person, I will run over you like a bulldozer. I will make your life so miserable that you begged to stop, cause at that very moment, hell and nightmares  are seems like a better place to be.



7 thoughts on “Twitter wars – trolls, sly and celebrity

  1. Very true,… if you are expressing something true to your agreeement/disagreement on social media, people on it calls you, “sly mar raha hai”. Trolls you, … this is better answer for them. I appreciate you pinakin bhai, let us make our voice laud so they can understand.

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