Third side of the coin : two face

You think you can rule my city, my city.
Bammm he punches him on his face.
Killing people around, making chaos, no you cannot do that any further.
Which Street? He split blood on the floor.
What? Man cames near his face.
Which of the streets named after you?
You said it’s your city but no one can give horses shit about you, you are nothing but just a beat lawyer with burnt face, he smirked.

Maybe I am not a lawyer any more, maybe you are right, no one cares about me any more but I am the law and people don’t give a damn about law but law take care of them.

But you see, he looked up, straight in to his eyes, I am an outlaw and I don’t care about the law I break them, like you broke me. And he laugh and the room filled with its echos.

You think you will find a way out of it huh, he hold his collar upwards.

No, I don’t think that too far, but I think you want to be out, I see it in your eyes, all alone, miserable, attacking lone criminal, you think you are cleaning the city by one crook at a time, ohh you will be doing this forever.

I think you need to clean the house first, the white collar one, they control everyone around here, they indirectly making things worse.

So you suggest I should kill the people who run this city, the mayor and all the MLA.

I thought you run this city and he  smile as much as his lips can spread with all that scared.

If you gonna bring light to the darkness, you need the arsenal to burnt some house and I am your tool.

So you want me to trust you? A freak.

Who saying about trusting, I don’t even trust my self, no , you need my help.


Well I could explain you but this rope around my hands making me all tired and that, would you kind enough to untie them.

The man with half face burnt look at him, the man with scared lips giving innocent smile.

He takes out his knife and bent forward to cut him loss, nice blade you got there, not to brag about it but I have much… The guy cutting the rope, much more….he cut it and throw the rope, much more shiniar and.. He stood up to him and…

Sharper blade of my own, he pushed his knife inside that lawyer,
The man with burnt face looked at him, his mouth wide open and eyes too.

You said you are going to help me, make this city a better place.

Well I don’t know what you heard but I said I will help and this… Is …me…helping, he twisted the knife deep inside his stomach.

He take the knife out and pushed him,
The bleeding man fall on his back and dust was cleared.

You think you are the good guy and I am the bad guy here, all the people you have killed, most of them are criminals and phyocopath but that drunken bus driver you killed, he has done nothing wrong in his life, his only wrong doing is, he didn’t stoped that bus on you and you take that beef out by killing him, wow so much for being a hero.


Ohh, I am sorry, does It hurt, he take his both hand and drag him to the ledge of the building, he make him stand up and put a knife in his mouth,

You wanna know how I got this scare, well you don’t have time for this now but tomorrow, every one in this city will know that from whom you got this scare,

He ripped open his mouth and throw him down and walk out of there.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three misisi….. Wait, what? He looked back and run to the ledge, he looked down but sees no body, so like you are disappeared now huh.

He hold the piller and look down, the man with the burnt face was tangled in one of the iron rode on second floor, ohh damn you could make a hell of a modern art painting.

And he walk off again.


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