Battle Me

Slap and
Slap again.
Her face has no emotion except anger but after that third slap, she smiled a little and regain that fake angry poker face.


How many time I have to tell you pinu, I don’t like it, but you just have to do it again, you like doing it again aren’t you?
She touched my face and asked did it hurt?
I know her hand was hurted the most hitting my stubborn face.
I am sorry and she kissed me,
Her lips was so cold because of air conditioning in theaters and I almost shiverd thru my body just touching her lips but then, all gone.
I have no conscious about my surroundings, I lost in time and space conundrum and I was in different dimension.
Her lips locking main, her hand moving around my hair and we could not breath.
And then when we apart our lips, it’s like crashing back in to reality, I have toured to heaven and back.


I have been slaped a million time, by only one girl and I let her, not because I was under her thumb, not because it’s my fault and certainly not because I was coward, it’s because I gave her sense of freedom to do whatsoever to keep me in check, when I derailed she put me back on the track.

It’s her way of saying I love you, I care about you, it’s hurt me more when I slaped you but it was necessary for sake of your own good. And she repay it, for hurting every inch of my skin by kissing.

She kissed me on chik, both chik furiously and it’s like, even if I was in unbearable pain, she would have healed me.

Her eyes were moist, I know she was sorry to do that but I need her to do that again when times comes, the time when I lost my way and lost my mind, a slap is earthquake to my wasteland to make it fruitful again.

I take her hand in my hand, just warmth of  her hand could turn me up, I love you like you are, I love you for what you are and decision you make and I know it’s for my own good. So you don’t need to be sorry about it.

Her eyes shine like Perl in blue ocean, she smiled and hugged me, so tight that our heart was in sync breathing.

I always encourage her way of showing her love towards me, no matter if it’s anger or possessiveness.

I like you to battle me,
Strike me as hard as you can,
Let your anger flaw like river
And let me be drowned in it,
I like you to tell me, in Harsh way,
That I am wrong and you are right.
So I could surrender my self in to you,
Cause I know even in my defeat,
You will share your victory with me.
Shower me in your love,
Cause there is no place I wanna be.



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