chimera of a dreaming

It was afternoon, but the sun is too shy to came out, not much of a wind but little bit of drizzling, I reached at the park and my eyes finding someone.


Here she is, waiting under a tree, try to stay as dry as she can but Wind is to mischievous. Her hair laying on her shoulder as some are flying and blocking her sight. And she found me, walking towards her, she wave her hand and sign hurry up, no dear, rain maybe drenching my clothes but you, seeing you is soothing me.

When I finally reached to her, she was like look at you, you are soaking wet, you might get cold, and I was just looking at her eyes, and each moment I admired the beauty of it I regret when we last time met and I didn’t seen her much.

You know in this technical age we see each other every day, I see her selfie now and then but in real, she was much more beautiful then those little pixels can describe.

Finally she forward her hand and say hi, I was freezes for a moment, I don’t know why but I just take her hand, hurl her towards me and hugged her, yes we talked about hugging and sending hugging emoji but it was the first time we really hugged, she tremble a little but warmth of my heart keep her hugging me.


I forget the place and time and my surroundings and I stayed at that way, our heart was in a sync, I could smell her hair and feel her hand behind my back, and without any reason I embrace her little tighter, suddenly she was disappearing, like dust in the air, I let her go and she was gone, just her hand still holding main, and then gone.

I woke up, all sweating, yes it was a dream, it was my dream to meet her and I missed that opportunity and now it’s coming back to haunt me as nightmare.
She was gone, far far away, away from my reach and no matter how much I tried, I could never ever see her again.

She takes a deep breath and close the book, in front of her people applaud and cheered her, yes this was her dream to be a writer and she fulfilled it.

* chimera : a thing which is hoped for but is illusory or impossible to achieve.


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