The Strom chaser

He was a loner, on the long road of loneliness,
Driving his car in the country side,
Where no one to mess,

Sun was tiring, setting down on his way,
When he saw the Strom, rushing away,

He stopped there, looks and forget,
His own problems are too much to get.

But then, a little twister, blocks his path, greet him, with curiosity and warmth of dust and cloud.


He could not understand, move ahead or go back, enjoy the beauty or taken aback.

Strom passed and sky glitter with rainbow,
But some how he misses the Strom.

He drive home and wait, wait for thunderstorms, he crave for hail and cyclone.


He drive to the edge of open road, to get just a glimps or heard the sound of rain,
He is addicted, in love, with the Strom.

And one day, he saw her, the twister which crossed his path,
He chase her, all the way to sunset, where clouds are roaring and lighting, light the path.

Yes, he has seen the true beauty of nature, the extreme of emotion, the mischievous winds and danger of lossing him self.

And there was she, dancing on the ground and hands touching to the sky,
He slowly walk towards her, but she kept going away.

He run to her, asking her to stay,
She move ahead, it was her nature and goal to move ahead.

He bent, on his knees, crying for her, requesting her to change the course,
He wants to be with her, in rain or Aurora of her clouds.

She stopped, stay there, like she missing the Strom chaser, how can she live without the one who adores her.

He gets up and run towards her, with open arms like just to embrace her.

He was a trouble so was she,
Chasing her, so was she,

Falling in love with each others trouble,
The chase is over, and become one with thunderstorms.



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