Why you don’t find  any fault in me?
She asked surprisingly.
I didn’t say that because I love you,
I said,
Because I have never met someone like you, so true to her self, don’t lie about the fact and certainly doesn’t lie to her self.


Because you care so much, people may have done big things for other people but ultimately it’s little things that blow you away and you have a way to know and remember those little things and Cherish little moments.

Because you have struggle so much, I cannot comprehend even the slightest idea of how much trouble you have been through and still you smile, each moment I spend with you I look at you with pride that this girl is proven example of being a superhero.

Because you are realistic person, you don’t do day dreaming and building castle in air or waiting for the one who will come on a white horse, it’s a very brave thing and as well as depressing that you lost that person in you who could dream of happiness beyond your reach.

Because you are determined to your goal, you make me realize that one should must have goal, otherwise they would be lost, I was lost until I found you.

Because you act so well, yes, do you think I didn’t notice that, being happy and cheerful but deep down you are just a little girl, tired of playing a mature, tired of being alone and hate the fact that one should not be distracted to achieve their goal, but I know, deep down you are just a little girl waiting to be loved, to be hugged and loss your self in their arms.

Because you are brave one, you don’t take mockery for an answer, you give them strongest reply, you don’t like bullying and teasing and harassment, you fight  against them, and you don’t hesitate to give them bitter taste of your nature. A woman who can handle her self and not afraid of anything.

Because you have learned to never make same mistake again, in study, in life, in relationship, you learn and change.

Because you have forgiving nature, people came and go, some of them hurt you badly , intentionally or not, you forgive them, and you accept people as they are, you don’t try to change them, you try to maintain friendship even after bad experience, you think everyone deserves a second chance.

Because of  beauty of your heart , I would be lier   if I say your the most beautiful girl I have seen, but certainly you have the most beautiful heart.


Because of your smile, you smile and it’s like autmon left and everything is glowing, it’s sooth my mind, heal my heart, and I can give anything to see you smile.

Because you are a stupid, dumb, foolish girl, but hey you are my stupid dumb foolish girl.

I have said those things to her many time but never out loud, it’s like my heart speaking cryptic language, but some how you know that, somehow you always know that what’s going on inside my mind and because of that, my girl, I never see any fault in you.



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