End of the tunnel

I wish I had go back,

To a place in time when I was happy,

Life is so much simpler and pretty.

But now I am standing at the entrance,

Walls behind my back and darkness ahead.

Running as fast as I can, to breathe,

To gasp, to see a silver lining at the end.

The tunnel is long and obstacles are never-ending.

I wished I had choose another path,

A course which led me to somewhere else.

But now is not the time to dweling in the past,

I forgot, it’s day or night,

Evening or morning,

Summer or winter,

As I keep running in that darker tunnel.

Walls are closing on me, 

I stumbled and fallen,

Forget the direction.

Voices in my head, 

Regrets in my heart,

And promises which irelvent now.

There is no light at the end of this tunnel,

Maybe Mirage of hope.


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