Twitter wars – The Dirty Dozens

​In times of Roman Empire, they seemed to be worthy ruler, but in reality they are just big bad bullies.

Only advantage they had was  numbers and strategies, the brilliant war plan to attack enemy and to dismantle every asset they have. ‘have no mercy on your enemies’  as they said.

Why I am  bothering you with all this ancient history? Well it is still in action and being followed right now too ,  it’s equivalent with  what is happening in today’s day, the internet troller or Twitter troller have been applying  the same strategy when they wage war against those who disagree with them.

They may  troll people based on a stupid reasons but they are as smart as hell, just like Kamikaze terrorist who hailed from doctors and engineer. If you observe both closely there are  lots of similarity between them, they are fighting on false propaganda. They are sacrificing time and numerous man hours on stupid goals , but  they end up at self destruction only.

You know as they says God can resurrect any dead, but there is no cure for stupid.

My title may be little  confusing because I didn’t explain the dirty and dozen part, it’s because troller never attack alone, they tend to make noice big enough that everyone on Twitter will hear it, they attack with the groups they have behind their back, few of them are  maybe celebrity, the old Godfather of trolling who help them and give them guidance on FAQ of trolling.

There is no direct involvement of them , cause it would  spoil their so called  reputation, they will comment on your tweets and let other members have opportunity to  troll you first, they will start a trend, with similarity to your name or something which relates to you and keep flooding your TL with jokes, hatred, harassment,  abuse and anything which make you angry, so you are going to react and then your reaction will leads to more Action from them , they will troll you more, nothing is new under the sun like we face in our school days.

There was a time when troller were  actually consider as a good person, who fight as  rebellion with words, who troll kings for  their wrong decisions, without being feared of death and to keep them in check. Everyone needs those kind of people who troll them when they are wrong, it’s sweet and funny way to point out their mistakes, look how far we reached, a good intentions of friend are turned into cut throat revenges.

As a person I  don’t hate them personally, they are the true victims actually, victim of jealousy and envy, trolles have  told the truth later that they don’t hate particular person for his race or physic, they hate them  because they are living there lives so happily and comfortable, that  it’s hurt them. Troller are just regular people who are carrying lots of problems of their shoulders.

How to defend your self from troller?

Well, I have read that, reply them with kindness and be polite . No matter how hard they hit, even below the waist, you have to be enough kind to let  them change their behaviour, that’s the truth said by Gandhi ji .

For me, nope, fight fire with fire is true way to win any battle, hit them hard, hit them strong, hit them where it’s hurt, show them your not a sheep who can easily be slaughtered, you are a thick skinned lion and they are messing with the wrong person, like Hardenberg says in breaking bad, “I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger! A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks !”

So it’s my message to every one who have been trolled, you are not alone,

And to people who troll other for just fun, yes Beware, you are not alone.

explaining Twitter war 


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