End of the tunnel

I wish I had go back,

To a place in time when I was happy,

Life is so much simpler and pretty.

But now I am standing at the entrance,

Walls behind my back and darkness ahead.

Running as fast as I can, to breathe,

To gasp, to see a silver lining at the end.

The tunnel is long and obstacles are never-ending.

I wished I had choose another path,

A course which led me to somewhere else.

But now is not the time to dweling in the past,

I forgot, it’s day or night,

Evening or morning,

Summer or winter,

As I keep running in that darker tunnel.

Walls are closing on me, 

I stumbled and fallen,

Forget the direction.

Voices in my head, 

Regrets in my heart,

And promises which irelvent now.

There is no light at the end of this tunnel,

Maybe Mirage of hope.

Lost and found

​Let’s get lost,

In ocean of our thoughts,

I’ll be the shore

And you’ll be the wave.

Craving for touch

And meant to be forever.

Let’s get lost,

In height of the sky , 

I’ll be the mountain,

and you’ll be the cloud,

Will Disappear in you,

When you pour your love on me.

Let’s get lost,

I’ll be the Riverbed,

And you’ll be the sunshine.

I was all alone in dark,

And you kept reaching to me.
Let’s get lost,

In each other,

Let’s the silent speak,

And eyes gazed in to each other.
Let’s get lost,

Let’s meet once more,

For the first time,

So I can fall in love with you,

Again for rest of my life.



Why you don’t find  any fault in me?
She asked surprisingly.
I didn’t say that because I love you,
I said,
Because I have never met someone like you, so true to her self, don’t lie about the fact and certainly doesn’t lie to her self.


Because you care so much, people may have done big things for other people but ultimately it’s little things that blow you away and you have a way to know and remember those little things and Cherish little moments.

Because you have struggle so much, I cannot comprehend even the slightest idea of how much trouble you have been through and still you smile, each moment I spend with you I look at you with pride that this girl is proven example of being a superhero.

Because you are realistic person, you don’t do day dreaming and building castle in air or waiting for the one who will come on a white horse, it’s a very brave thing and as well as depressing that you lost that person in you who could dream of happiness beyond your reach.

Because you are determined to your goal, you make me realize that one should must have goal, otherwise they would be lost, I was lost until I found you.

Because you act so well, yes, do you think I didn’t notice that, being happy and cheerful but deep down you are just a little girl, tired of playing a mature, tired of being alone and hate the fact that one should not be distracted to achieve their goal, but I know, deep down you are just a little girl waiting to be loved, to be hugged and loss your self in their arms.

Because you are brave one, you don’t take mockery for an answer, you give them strongest reply, you don’t like bullying and teasing and harassment, you fight  against them, and you don’t hesitate to give them bitter taste of your nature. A woman who can handle her self and not afraid of anything.

Because you have learned to never make same mistake again, in study, in life, in relationship, you learn and change.

Because you have forgiving nature, people came and go, some of them hurt you badly , intentionally or not, you forgive them, and you accept people as they are, you don’t try to change them, you try to maintain friendship even after bad experience, you think everyone deserves a second chance.

Because of  beauty of your heart , I would be lier   if I say your the most beautiful girl I have seen, but certainly you have the most beautiful heart.


Because of your smile, you smile and it’s like autmon left and everything is glowing, it’s sooth my mind, heal my heart, and I can give anything to see you smile.

Because you are a stupid, dumb, foolish girl, but hey you are my stupid dumb foolish girl.

I have said those things to her many time but never out loud, it’s like my heart speaking cryptic language, but some how you know that, somehow you always know that what’s going on inside my mind and because of that, my girl, I never see any fault in you.


The Strom chaser

He was a loner, on the long road of loneliness,
Driving his car in the country side,
Where no one to mess,

Sun was tiring, setting down on his way,
When he saw the Strom, rushing away,

He stopped there, looks and forget,
His own problems are too much to get.

But then, a little twister, blocks his path, greet him, with curiosity and warmth of dust and cloud.


He could not understand, move ahead or go back, enjoy the beauty or taken aback.

Strom passed and sky glitter with rainbow,
But some how he misses the Strom.

He drive home and wait, wait for thunderstorms, he crave for hail and cyclone.


He drive to the edge of open road, to get just a glimps or heard the sound of rain,
He is addicted, in love, with the Strom.

And one day, he saw her, the twister which crossed his path,
He chase her, all the way to sunset, where clouds are roaring and lighting, light the path.

Yes, he has seen the true beauty of nature, the extreme of emotion, the mischievous winds and danger of lossing him self.

And there was she, dancing on the ground and hands touching to the sky,
He slowly walk towards her, but she kept going away.

He run to her, asking her to stay,
She move ahead, it was her nature and goal to move ahead.

He bent, on his knees, crying for her, requesting her to change the course,
He wants to be with her, in rain or Aurora of her clouds.

She stopped, stay there, like she missing the Strom chaser, how can she live without the one who adores her.

He gets up and run towards her, with open arms like just to embrace her.

He was a trouble so was she,
Chasing her, so was she,

Falling in love with each others trouble,
The chase is over, and become one with thunderstorms.


થોડું ખોવાઈ જવા દે મને

એ પ્રેમ નતો,
કંઇક અનામી આકર્ષણ હતું,
જે હાથ પકડ્યા વગર ના જવાની ભલામણ કરતુ હતું,
એક અજાણ્યા શેહર માં, અજાણી જગ્યા એ,
બે લોકો બેઠા હતા, જે કદાચ અજાણ્યા જ હતા પણ વર્ષો ની ઓળખાણ હોય એવો અનુભવ હતો,
એક બીજા ની નજીક, એક બીજા ની આખો માં ના જોતા,
વાતો ના વિરામ માં, દિલ ની અંદર સુધી ઝાંખી કરી લીધી.
એ કંઈક વિશેષ હતું પણ અનામી હતું,
એ કંઈક અલગ હતું પણ ગમી જાય એવું હતું.
અને મેં એક આખરી વાર એને જોઈ, બસ ની બારી ની પાછળ થી, અને આખરી અલવિદા કેહતા મન ભરાઈ આવ્યું.


એણે મને જોઈ લીધો,
પારખી લીધો અને ઓળખી પણ લીધો,
હું જયારે ખોવાયો હતો એના હોઠ ના વળાંકો માં,
આંખો ના ઊંડાણ માં,
ઝુલ્ફો ના ઉડવા માં અને ઉડી ને ચેહરા પર વિખરાય જવા માં,
તારી વાતો માં અને મારી કહેલી વાતો ના જવાબ ના હાવ ભાવ માં,
તને લાગ્યું હું તારી સીવાય આજુ બાજુ માંજ જોતો હતો,
પણ મને તો એ ભી ભાન નતું કે હું તારી સીવાય બીજું શું જોતો હતો.
હું કઈ ઘુવડ ની જેમ આખો ફાડી થોડો જોઈ શકવાનો,
તારી નજર થી નજર ચોરાઈ હું તને જ જોતો હતો,
કેમકે હવે પછી ની મુલકાત કદાચ બને કે ના બને,
આ પળે, આ ક્ષણે મને થોડુંક માણી લેવા દે તને.


એ સવાર માં કદાચ એવું હતું કે મને ઉઠવા મજબુર કર્યો,
દોડવા અને બસ પકડવા માટે તાલાવેલી જગાવી,
હરેક ડગલે ને પગલે પાછળ ઠેલાયા છતાં હાર ના માની,
અને એ જગ્યા પર લાવી ઉભો રાખી દીધો જેનો વાયદો મેં એને વારંવાર કરેલો,
અને જયારે મેં એને જોય, ત્યારે આખી રાત નો ઉજાગરો,
સફર નો થાક, ભુખ અને બધું ભુલાવી દીધું.
હા એ તુજ, જેને જોઈ હું ખુદ ને ભલ્યો,
હા એ તું જ, જેને જોવા હું અધીરો થયો,
એક મુસ્કાન પાછળ દોડતો આવ્યો,
એક ક્ષણ ના સાથ માટે જાણે જાણે વર્ષો થી રાહ જોઈ હોય,
પણ એની રાહ જોવાની પુરી થઇ, આજે આખરે મળી ગયા આપણે.

તને મળી ને આવ્યા પછી હું સાવ ખોવાયો ખોવાયો રેહતો હતો,
કૈંક કહેવું ઘણું હતું પણ એનો સાચો સમય આ નતો,
કેમકે એનો સાચો સમય ક્યારેય નહતો આવવાનો,
તારા સપના, તારી આકાંક્ષા, તારા ઉડવા માં, હું બંધન સમાન હતો,
અને કદાચ તારા લાયક ભી નતો,
કેમકે હું એ ભીડ નો હિસ્સો હતો જે તારી એક ઝલક માટે પાગલ હતું, અને મારા નસીબ માં બસ આ એક મુલાકાત જ એ ઝલક હતી.
હું તારી માટે કંઈક છુ, હું એમાજ ખુશ છુ, કૈક વિશેષ ની અપેક્ષા એ બધું ગુમાવવા નહિ માંગતો.
તું મારી માટે બધુજ છો એ કહેવાની હિંમત હું નહિ ધરાવતો.
બસ આમજ તને હસાવવા ના પ્રયત્નો કરતો રહું,
તારા દુઃખો ને તારા થી મીલો દૂર લઇ જાવ,
તારી સફળતા માં ઉજવણી કરું
અને નિષફળતા માં તને પાછી બેઠી કરું,
બસ થોડી વાતો કરી લઉ, ભલે એ ઓછી પડે,
પણ તારી નજીક રહું,
અને એ સમય ને પાછળ ઠેલવતો રહું, જયારે આપણે અલવિદા કેહવું પડે.


chimera of a dreaming

It was afternoon, but the sun is too shy to came out, not much of a wind but little bit of drizzling, I reached at the park and my eyes finding someone.


Here she is, waiting under a tree, try to stay as dry as she can but Wind is to mischievous. Her hair laying on her shoulder as some are flying and blocking her sight. And she found me, walking towards her, she wave her hand and sign hurry up, no dear, rain maybe drenching my clothes but you, seeing you is soothing me.

When I finally reached to her, she was like look at you, you are soaking wet, you might get cold, and I was just looking at her eyes, and each moment I admired the beauty of it I regret when we last time met and I didn’t seen her much.

You know in this technical age we see each other every day, I see her selfie now and then but in real, she was much more beautiful then those little pixels can describe.

Finally she forward her hand and say hi, I was freezes for a moment, I don’t know why but I just take her hand, hurl her towards me and hugged her, yes we talked about hugging and sending hugging emoji but it was the first time we really hugged, she tremble a little but warmth of my heart keep her hugging me.


I forget the place and time and my surroundings and I stayed at that way, our heart was in a sync, I could smell her hair and feel her hand behind my back, and without any reason I embrace her little tighter, suddenly she was disappearing, like dust in the air, I let her go and she was gone, just her hand still holding main, and then gone.

I woke up, all sweating, yes it was a dream, it was my dream to meet her and I missed that opportunity and now it’s coming back to haunt me as nightmare.
She was gone, far far away, away from my reach and no matter how much I tried, I could never ever see her again.

She takes a deep breath and close the book, in front of her people applaud and cheered her, yes this was her dream to be a writer and she fulfilled it.

* chimera : a thing which is hoped for but is illusory or impossible to achieve.

Battle Me

Slap and
Slap again.
Her face has no emotion except anger but after that third slap, she smiled a little and regain that fake angry poker face.


How many time I have to tell you pinu, I don’t like it, but you just have to do it again, you like doing it again aren’t you?
She touched my face and asked did it hurt?
I know her hand was hurted the most hitting my stubborn face.
I am sorry and she kissed me,
Her lips was so cold because of air conditioning in theaters and I almost shiverd thru my body just touching her lips but then, all gone.
I have no conscious about my surroundings, I lost in time and space conundrum and I was in different dimension.
Her lips locking main, her hand moving around my hair and we could not breath.
And then when we apart our lips, it’s like crashing back in to reality, I have toured to heaven and back.


I have been slaped a million time, by only one girl and I let her, not because I was under her thumb, not because it’s my fault and certainly not because I was coward, it’s because I gave her sense of freedom to do whatsoever to keep me in check, when I derailed she put me back on the track.

It’s her way of saying I love you, I care about you, it’s hurt me more when I slaped you but it was necessary for sake of your own good. And she repay it, for hurting every inch of my skin by kissing.

She kissed me on chik, both chik furiously and it’s like, even if I was in unbearable pain, she would have healed me.

Her eyes were moist, I know she was sorry to do that but I need her to do that again when times comes, the time when I lost my way and lost my mind, a slap is earthquake to my wasteland to make it fruitful again.

I take her hand in my hand, just warmth of  her hand could turn me up, I love you like you are, I love you for what you are and decision you make and I know it’s for my own good. So you don’t need to be sorry about it.

Her eyes shine like Perl in blue ocean, she smiled and hugged me, so tight that our heart was in sync breathing.

I always encourage her way of showing her love towards me, no matter if it’s anger or possessiveness.

I like you to battle me,
Strike me as hard as you can,
Let your anger flaw like river
And let me be drowned in it,
I like you to tell me, in Harsh way,
That I am wrong and you are right.
So I could surrender my self in to you,
Cause I know even in my defeat,
You will share your victory with me.
Shower me in your love,
Cause there is no place I wanna be.